Contributing Writer Editorial Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing useful information to our visitors.  Every article submitted by users gets reviewed by our editorial team prior to being published.  Below are editorial guidelines for getting your article published on US Insurance Agents.

  1. No Spam - If you're planning on submitting spam, please don't bother. The article will not get published and you will lose access to the site.
  2. Unique, Relevant and High Quality Content - Our readers are looking for information that is relevant to insurance.  They do not want to read the same type of content already posted here and are looking for articles that can educate them about insurance.  Any content submitted is required to be your own and not published elsewhere.  We have two main audiences you can cater to: consumers and insurance professionals.  Any guest post that is submitted should be directed towards one of these readers.
  3. Well Written Content - We're not looking for you to write at the same level as William Faulkner, but guest writers need to meet a minimum threshold of quality.  Your content should use proper spelling and grammar.  Additionally, your post should have a tone and clarity that is both interesting and simple to comprehend for the targeted audience.
  4. Images - Images can help add interest or provide a better explanation than plain text.  Any images used must be your own or not restricted by copyright. 
  5. Formatting - Posts should be formatted and organized in an easy to follow way. Do not submit content that is in ALL CAPs, one single block of text, etc.
  6. Linking - Yes, you can include links within your guest posts but they must be relevant and on-topic.  If you are looking to simply link back to your own site with highly optimized anchor text, your post may get rejected or the link will be removed.  Affiliate links are not allowed.

How to Get Started

Before you are able to write for us, you will need to register for an account. Once you have created and verified your account, contact us to enable content submission access.  Once enabled, you can submit a guest post for our editors to review and publish.